Explore science your way

Hey, adventurer! #TeamScience could use someone like you.

It doesn’t matter how old you are.
What your gender is.
Where you’re from.
How much money you’ve got.
Who your heroes are.
Everyone’s welcome to join our team...


See, the thing about science is, it’s literally everything...

  • Oceans. Jungles. Mountains.

  • Stars. Moons. Planets.

  • Rocks. Plants. Animals.

  • Buildings. Technology. The internet.

  • Making discoveries. Inventing things. Changing the world.


Be part of it

From the food you eat to the phone in your pocket, everything happens because of science. It’s all around you, everywhere. Waiting to be explored.

You don’t have to be a scientist to join #TeamScience. We’re not all about white lab coats and test tubes – we’re more interested in adventure, innovation and discovery.

Diana Davies

“So much of what we do is about helping and supporting what happens on site. We work will all the different teams and departments – while they have their specialities, we look after everyone.”

Diana Davies
David Speller

“Science helps me understand the animals we look after.”

David Speller
Ed McGrellis

“They wouldn’t discover anything without us! I can guarantee you that they would never have discovered the Higgs boson without the cleaners at CERN doing their job.”

Ed McGrellis

Why choose science?

People who take science at school often spend their lives doing incredible things, making the world a better place.

Travelling the globe. Learning cool stuff. Using amazing gadgets. Making technological breakthroughs.

Choose science, and the world becomes your playground.

There are thousands of careers in science to choose from. Play our game to find out where #TeamScience could take you.

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  Why choose science?

Get involved

Science doesn’t just happen in the classroom. Make your own discoveries by exploring science in the real world.

Wildlife trails

Grab your wellies, get outdoors and discover nature in your neighbourhood.

Home experiments

From erupting volcanoes to makeshift rockets, try these experiments at home.

Science centres

Learn about the latest scientific breakthroughs at one of the UK’s leading discovery hubs.

Code club

Get hands on at a science centre. Find one in your area on the Science and Discovery Centre website.

YouTube videos

It’s not just cute animals and vloggers on YouTube – there’s some amazing science, too.

Play the game

Why not play the game and explore the amazing science career options?