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Are you destined to be a surgeon or a scuba diver? Astronomer or animator? Game developer or GP? Find out which team you're on by picking your favourites in our interactive game.

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A quick heads up! Our game lets you explore loads of cool science-related careers, but these are only suggestions! If you’re looking for a more accurate assessment of your personality and skills, we suggest speaking to a professional career advisor.

Game developer

Game developer

Ocean scientist

Ocean scientist

Sport and exercise psychologist

Sport and exercise psychologist

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First things first: how would your friends describe you?

Choose a board game

Do you prefer being inside or outdoors?

Choose your spirit animal

How adventurous are you?

Choose a film character

You're mature for your age, aren't you?

Choose your element

What do you like to spend your weekends doing?

Almost there… You've been telling the truth, right?

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